An Introduction to Computer Keyboard Covers

Computer keyboards collect dirt from dust, food and skin cells. This dirt is extremely difficult to remove as it gets stuck between keys and under buttons. In office environments computer keyboards can easily be damaged with liquid spills from drinks such as water and coffee.

A computer keyboard cover acts as both a cleanliness tool and an equipment protector. They are ideal for healthcare environments as they can help prevent the spread of infections such as MRSA.

Keyboard covers are made from high-quality latex free polyurethane for durability and non-glare clarity. The polyurethane material is imbedded with an anti microbial agent, which reduces the growth of bacteria between cleaning cycles. The durable film is easy to clean and because it is so robust it can be cleaned with harsh chemicals such as alcohol and chlorine solution. This material will not yellow or crack and is resistant to oil, grease and chemicals.

The soft and flexible material allows for a simple and easy glove like fit. To ensure this close fit each cover is thermo moulded from moulds which are identical to the computer keyboards themselves. Over 2000 styles of covers are available and custom manufactured options are perfect for specialist equipment. With a perfect snug fit the computer keyboard cover remains in position and does not interfere with the workings of the keyboard. The cover can also dull the noise of key taping which makes them ideal for healthcare receptions and quiet offices.

Computer keyboard covers, also known as Keyboard Skins, are easy to fit with a simple installation process. The cover wraps under the keyboard so all edges and joints are protected from spillages. The cover can easily be cleaned whist on the keyboard or can be simply removed for more thorough cleaning.

Keyboard covers are suitable for all types of office environment especially if keyboards are a shared resource. A computer keyboard cover is highly recommended in public and healthcare institutions such as.....

Computer Keyboard Covers for the Healthcare Sector

Whether in the public (NHS) or private healthcare sector, cleanliness of working areas is of the upmost importance. One area of particular concern is tackling the problem of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) and improving cleanliness in hospitals. A clean environment is the best platform from which to tackle HCAIs. Furthermore, clean environments are extremely important in their own right, and are central to patients receiving comfortable, reassuring and welcoming care.

Every detail of the work environment needs to be considered from the fixtures and fittings and all working equipment. In 2008 the Department of Health issued a document on ‘Clean, safe care: reducing infections and saving lives’, which provides guidelines for the NHS that can also be applied to private healthcare sector. In section 5 of the document there is a highlighted article on infection resistant easy to clean computer keyboards. This is because computer keyboards are a crucial part of healthcare working environments but are extremely difficult to clean.  Computer keyboards carry a high risk of spreading infection as it is hard to remove bacteria from between the keys.

In researching an article for Which? Computing magazine in 2008 microbiologist  James Francis took swabs from 33 Keyboards at the consumer publications offices in London. The research showed ....
‘ a variety of bugs including E coli and S aureus, which can cause skin infections and make people ill. The scientist swabbed a loo seat and a toilet door handle in a typical London office for comparison. One of the keyboards in the experiment had to be removed from the office because it was five times dirtier than the lavatory seat and home to 150 times the acceptable limit of bacteria.’ (Guardian Thursday May 1st 2008)

In 2008 a £1m pilot of 20,000 fully enclosed easy to clean keyboards were launched for use across the NHS. These keyboards were waterproof and had completely smooth surfaces. However it is not possible to clean these keyboards with harsh chemicals that are needed to fight against the risk of infections.

The more cost effective and hygienic option of a polyurethane computer keyboard cover (glove) is the best solution for the health care industry.

In the report  ‘Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices’ 2013 edition section 6.66 states ...

‘For infection control reasons, in clinical areas: covers should be provided over computer keyboards ...’

At Computer Keyboard you can select from over 500 styles of cover to perfectly fit your keyboard for optimum protection. The protection provided by a cover works in two ways;

1.    Protect against the spread of infection with an easy to clean material
2.    Protect the functionality of the keyboard from liquid spills and debris